The kitchen holds a number of functions and applications where gas spring pressure springs and dampers from Stabilus are most helpful in providing extra convenience and safety.

Our gas springs allow opening doors and fittings in any direction, holding them safely in the desired position. In drawers and pull-out parts, our dampers will ensure gentle movements without hard annoying stops in the target position.


More Design Flexibility

As a kitchen manufacturer, it is up to your imagination to make household tasks more convenient or to hide unattractive appliances behind paneling. Our gas springs and dampers also work well in the smallest of spaces.

Washing Machines
Even in modern washing machines, spinning can result in an unbalance if the laundry is not evenly distributed.

In the worst case, the machine will start wandering. These extreme pressure loads cause the machine to age significantly faster. Besides, the unnecessary noise is an annoyance to occupants and neighbors.


Our dampers prevent the drum from striking the machine during the spin cycle, providing safe footing for the machine. Here, the drum is suspended elastically; the specially matched dampers from Stabilus will safely absorb its vibrations. Even in critical drum speed ranges, the machine will no longer develop undesirable noise thanks to vibration dampers.

Your Advantage

  • Reduced material wear
  • Maintenance-free
  • Reliable

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • STAB-O-SHOC vibration dampers for washer drum damping
Kitchen Overhead Cabinets
Modern kitchens should be both beautiful and functional. Overhead cabinets that open upward easily and close with silent damping make working in the kitchen convenient.

Cabinet doors can occasionally remain open – without being in the way. In addition, we offer variable adjustment as an option. Thus, shorter persons will also be able to close them easily and without help.


Gas pressure springs and dampers make doors and fittings of kitchen overhead cabinets extremely easy to handle. They can be positioned variably, and will not fall shut, which saves both the hands of the user and the material. Whether opening and closing, slightly tilting out or securely locking – our products can make the application safer and more convenient, significantly increasing the value of the kitchen.

Your Advantage

  • Different types of motion
  • Variety of hardware
  • Variable positioning upon request
  • Individually tunable
  • Targeted damping
  • Plenty of comfort
  • Easy opening
  • Will stay safely open
  • Dampened closing
  • Easy mounting

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • LIFT-O-MAT – gas spring for lifting, lowering, moving, and positioning
  • LIFT-O-MAT frequency – gas spring for lifting, lowering, and adjusting with variable positioning
  • STAB-O-BLOC – gas spring for variable positioning and safe locking