Machine Construction

In machine construction, our gas springs and dampers are used for opening, holding, and closing of hoods or lids:
  • On woodworking machinery
  • On printing machines
  • On production systems, as well as
  • Folding and vacuum packaging machines


Stabilus gas springs and dampers provide automatic, force-assisted opening at defined speeds, variable positioning, and safe holding force in all kinds of doors and lids. In the printing industry, they will facilitate the folding up of heavy feeders; in protective covers, they will ensure optimum work safety.

Vibration created by high dynamics can be positively influenced with a STAB-O-SHOC damper. This will result in a quiet, even production run with a high level of safety and a long service life.

Your Advantages

  • Will stay safely open
  • Damped closing
  • Small space requirement
  • Easy opening of heavy components
  • Easy closing

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