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Rail transport is an important componentfor greater climate protection and efficiency in the transportation of people and goods.  As a result of advancing urbanization - a global megatrend of our time - traffic routes and residential areas are increasingly coming into direct proximity to one another.  As a company with its headquarters at the exit of the Middle Rhine Valley, which is particularly affected by noise emissions, and a location in the middle of the residential area of Koblenz, Stabilus is especially  aware of the efforts that are associated with effective noise protection.

This research project emerged from a company-wide innovation competition and initially pursues the goal of researching and evaluating the exact origin of disturbing noise.  Today, noise is usually dealt with symptomatically, for example by means of noise barriers.  In this project, a system is to be realized on the basis of the noise generation mechanisms, which approaches the causes of the noise and thus reduces the noise level in the vicinity of the train.