What Makes Stabilus Unique?

We have a worldwide presence and are a truly global market leader!

Our history is characterized by experience, and that is what our employees convey. Employees who have been with us for decades are proof that the Stabilus Family concept works. After a highly successful IPO in 2014, Stabilus has seen record sales every year. The Group result is proof of a very successful growth for the Stabilus Group. We believe in our success and have the ability to achieve so much more!

Our “Rising STAR” Talent Program

The best Stabilus employees, whom we need for our lofty goals, are at the center of our attention. This is why we started our “Rising STAR” talent program in 2014. The greatest talents worldwide have come together and accepted a major qualification challenge. A two-year training program and a Management Board mentor for each talent will be provided for each ‘rising star’ talent.

Uniform Understanding of Leadership and Responsibility

Our managers need to have a globally uniform understanding of leadership and responsibility towards their employees and the company. In 2013, we implemented HR strategies for setting global standards.

“Employer of Choice” We want to be a “Great Place to Work”

for our employees and the “Employer of Choice” for job candidates in the respective region. Motivated employees are the number one prerequisite for a successful and healthy company. This is why we promote better work-life balance. As a company, we take our social responsibility very seriously; for example, we offer 80% of our apprentices a permanent position. Life-long learning is the key to our experience and success, and we make that available to our employees at all times.

Communication Is Important to Us

All departments also meet regularly for global conferences. This is where they discuss projects, share experiences and drive our networks and the international concept with which we support change.

Global Training Concepts

Our managers are trained to become Change Managers and Change Agents. This is the only way to ensure that all Stabilus employees possess the same level of knowledge and can grow from there.

Our Heart Is in Koblenz

This is where our headquarters are. Located on the Rhine and the Mosel rivers, this town offers true quality of life and many leisure activities in addition to a picturesque landscape. A good location for making a new home.

What makes Stabilus unique