Securing success, expanding success: The strategic path to 2030

Rapid changes have become the rule in our world, forcing companies to make repeated adjustments to remain successful in the long term. We – the Stabilus Group – are determined to embrace and actively shape this change. We’ve set out the framework with our strategy for the year 2030. The strategic process for the Stabilus Group is STAR! This process, which stands for STAbilus Reloaded, has been constantly evolving ever since it was launched in 2011.

Our vision: Global leader in intelligent motion control technologies

STAR 2030 aims to address all relevant aspects to achieve our vision such as customer and employee satisfaction, innovation, growth and sustainability. Connectivity is an integral part of our lives which increasingly dominates all areas of technology – including motion control. It is our ambition to lead this development: We aim to become the world market leader in intelligent motion control. STAR 2030 devides this vision into four top goals that we will be driving during the next years.

On our path to 2030, we also constantly align ourselves with our Mission, Purpose and Values.

  • Our Mission: We deliver world class motion control solutions
  • Our Purpose: We make motion easy and safe - each and every day
  • Our Values: CODE-S: The inner compass of our work

The top goals we set in STAR 2030 are:

Profitable and sustainable growth

Group sales are planned to reach two billion euros at an EBIT margin of 15% by 2030 (2021: EUR 937.7 million). The goal is to achieve continuous growth in all world regions, with particular focus on Asia-Pacific. To fully exploit its expansion potential and increase its resilience to market cycles, the company will continue its transformation to a diversified automotive and industrial supplier. In this context, five expert brands acquired in recent years (ACE, Hahn Gasfedern, General Aerospace, Fabreeka and Tech Products) have been consolidated in the newly formed business unit Industrial.

This also aims at supporting a positive share valuation in the long term and increasing the room for strategic acquisitions, investments, and joint ventures. This external growth is seen as a parallel pillar to the targeted organic growth of 6% per year.

Company of choice

The Stabilus management sees continuous improvement in customer and employee satisfaction as an essential lever for achieving market goals, because motivated employees are the key to healthy growth. The goal is an open, dialog-oriented, and appreciative management culture. The Stabilus Group is also subject to external evaluation by means of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It measures the willingness of customers and employees to recommend a company to others. The target value is a very high score of 50 by 2030.

Next level motion control solutions

From 2030, at least 25% of the Stabilus Group’s sales are to be based on new products and solutions. An important pillar for this is the continued innovation of mechanical and electrical components. The company believes there will continue to be high demand for them in all market segments. At the same time, more and more applications are calling for the integration of such components into smart, digitized, and automated overall motion control solutions. To successfully participate in this trend, the company is promoting its already introduced transformation from component supplier to system partner. For this, the company intends to further expand its own solution and software expertise on the one hand, and to build an extensive external network, in the role of the “Motion Ecosystem Manager”, with a large number of strategically important partners on the other hand.

Model corporate citizen

As a globally active company, the Stabilus Group is committed to the goals of ecological, economic and social sustainability according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. Regarding global climate change, the achievement of reducing the CO2 footprint by 2030 needs to be emphasized. The goal shall be achieved by speeding up the continuation of ongoing projects as well as the realization of new ones at all sites. With these and other initiatives, the company is not only consolidating its ethical commitment, but also its role as a future-oriented partner, supplier and employer.