Peloton Stabilus Team

The Peloton Stabilus Team

Stabilus, the world’s leading providers of gas springs, damping solutions and electromechanical drives, residing in Koblenz, is the main partner and sponsor of the Peloton Stabilus Team for the years 2017 to 2019. The employees of the enterprise are considered as a team. Hence, target-oriented action, high motivation and dynamics for the central elements in the enterprise structure. These values also play a special role in cycling. Thus Stabilus and the Peloton Stabilus Team are partners well suited with each other. The RSC Rheinbach, the team management and the drivers are proud to able to work together with Stabilus; Stabilus is happy to have many impulses from the cycling for its own enterprise.

"In sports as also in professional life, motivation and readiness for achievement are important. Success can be planned by the correct attitude. Hence, sports is important for me. During the training rounds, I get my head free for creative thoughts. At the same time, sports is a competition with myself or with my friends, with whom I get the training. The competition and the experience of success are equally important for me as the health-related aspects for the body.

I wish for the Peloton Stabilus Team a continuous fun during the training rounds and a lot of success in the upcoming races."

The Team

The Peloton Stabilus Team is a cycling team open to everyone. We participate in public races in the categories cyclocross, time trials and road races in Germany and the neighboring countries (The Netherlands, Belgium and France). Team spirit, fascination for performance and velocity and the enthusiasm for cycling are core for our team. 

Most of our drivers are living in Rhineland. They have different backgrounds: experienced licensed cyclists and ambitious newcomers contribute to our team success. Some of them started cycling as a child, others discovered their passion for cycling just a short while ago. But they all share the same idea: As a team cycling is more fun!

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 Great team!

We look forward to working with you!

Every success in the upcoming races and a lot of fun.


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