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Nos employés sont notre succès

Nous vous offrons la possibilité de vous épanouir grâce à vos performances et à vos actions autonomes. Pour cette raison, nous favoriserons votre développement professionnel et personnel. Notre objectif est d'offrir des conditions de travail et une culture de leadership qui créent de la satisfaction au travail. Pour votre bénéfice et le nôtre. Car c'est ce qui a fait de Stabilus le leader mondial incontesté du marché.

  • Nous recruterons des spécialistes et des gestionnaires chevronnés et créerons les conditions d'une rétention à long terme des employés.
  • Nous favoriserons votre développement et celui de votre équipe. Nous vous motiverons pour les tâches de demain et vous équiperons des outils nécessaires.
  • Vous travaillerez pour une entreprise de taille moyenne avec des hiérarchies plates et des décisions rapides.
  • Vous travaillerez dans un environnement international, car Stabilus possède seize usines dans neuf pays sur presque tous les continents.

Vous trouverez de plus amples informations dans nos brochures "HR" et"Voluntary Benefits Package Site Koblenz". Stabilus : Un endroit où il fait bon travailler !

Nos possibilités d'entrée

Development Opportunities

Securing the Future through Qualified Employees

As a multi-national company with a broad product line offering and international customers, we are competing with the best of the best in each industry.

Creative and motivated employees in all types of positions within our company stand for the success of Stabilus. Because they respond flexibly and dynamically to different market situations. People are the most important resource for securing our future.

Advancement and Development Opportunities

Our managers count on their employees. Leadership in our company means developing and fostering employees. As a Human Resources department, we also offer our employees qualification measures and support them in their careers through:

  • Continuing Education/Training
  • International Assignments
  • Job Rotation/Transfers/Advancement Opportunities

To see two examples of typical employees, check out the Testimonials.


Whether it’s starting a career or taking your career in a new direction – these decisions will impact your whole life. We are fully aware of that, and that is why we will equally consider the needs of all our employees – new recruits as well as long-time employees. Join us – a company that has big plans for you.

What We Have to Offer

  • Apprenticeship
  • Dual System
  • Internship/ Diploma/Bachelor/Master
  • Experts/Experienced Candidates

Throughout the year, you can complete an internship in different departments, do a student research project or write your thesis in our company.

You will be integrated into the corresponding department or involved in a project team. You will assume demanding responsibilities or subprojects, which you will conclude successfully together with your colleagues and superiors. And who knows, maybe this will be your foot in the door – to a career in our company!

While still in high school, you will gain insight into industrial training.


School-age students: mandatory internship or a minimum age of 14

University students: Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, or IT/Computer Science.

Your Application

You can apply with us anytime, and unsolicited applications are welcome. Please use our Online Application Management


Experts/Experienced Candidates

Qualified Professionals with Job Experience

You want to take your career in a new direction? We offer experienced candidates new challenges with broad responsibilities. Lateral entry is also possible.
Because of our international orientation, we can also provide opportunities for working at our sites all over the world.


We like hiring candidates who bring the following to the table:

  • Motivation and willingness to perform
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and action
  • Teamwork skills
  • Flexibility
  • Foreign language and computer skills

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