An actuator is any device used to convert energy into motion. Motor vehicles make extensive use of electric linear actuators to perform several basic functions, such as operating the tailgate and doors.

Electric linear actuators are essentially electric motors. In this form, the actuator (or motor) generates electrical energy to produce linear motion, which translates visibly into the opening and closing of a car door, or lifting and lowering of a trunk lid.

The mechanics underlying the motion generated by an electric linear actuator consist of a piston, or rod, which is pushed through a cylinder by the motor to displace the object attached to it. The energy generated by the actuator produces a force many times greater than the weight of the displaced object. This makes actuators ideal components for motor vehicles.

The force produced by an electric linear actuator is applied in the same direction indicated by the position of the rod (hence the term “linear”) and can be adjusted for greater speed or higher load capacity, but not both simultaneously. In the case of motor vehicles, greater load capacity is more important, as the aim of an electrical damper actuator is to generate slow and consistent motion.

Automotive supplier

Trusted Experience

For decades, STABILUS has been supplying the international automotive industry as a recognized automotive supplier. Our services range from initial design and development support, including all customary CAD activities and standard-compliant specification processes, to final product development.

World-class Standards

Merely being a quality automotive supplier isn’t enough – we strive to be the best. Our quality management system fully complies with international standards, such as DIN EN ISO 9001 and the new world standard ISO/TS 16949 (incl. QS 9000, VDA 6.1, EAQF and AVSQ).


Environmental conscience

We recognize that our commercial success, as a responsible automotive supplier, depends on looking after our environment; as such, our environment management system is DIN EN ISO 14001 certified.

World-class Logistics

The just-in-time nature of the industry requires an automotive supplier to be flexible and able to work around sudden deadlines. Our state-of-the-art communication systems ensure efficient coordination with our partners at all times.

Customer-centered Service

All of our customers, seeking a reliable automotive supplier, will benefit from our comprehensive range of gas springs, dampers and related components. Dealing with us is different to dealing with an ordinary automotive supplier; at STABILUS, clients will discover an automotive supplier with a service-oriented culture catering to their particular industry needs.

Gas lifts from STABILUS

STABILUS gas lifts, also known in the industry as gas springs or gas struts, offer versatile solutions for the safe and convenient opening, closing, lifting, lowering, damping, and adjusting actions of products from nearly every area of life and work. Decisive for the high quality of STABILUS gas lifts is their convenient and safe adjusting function, along with a comfortable feel and high-quality look.


Gas lift information

The basic function of gas lifts lies in their force assist. In addition to lifting, gas lifts can also be used for targeted damping of a movement at a defined speed. Further, these gas lifts have many more functions that provide added comfort and safety in their respective use. Because of this, STABILUS offers gas lifts in the following product groups:

  • Non-locking LIFT-O-MAT gas lifts, the standard STABILUS gas lift. Its name is synonymous with its function, namely lifting (e.g., tailgates of passenger cars). The gas lift can even appropriately control extension speeds or damping, among others.
  • Locking BLOC-O-LIFT gas lifts. A rigid or elastic locking can be used as needed. A typical use for locking gas lifts is, for example, swivel chair backrest adjustment. For many uses, such as adjustment of steering columns or vehicle seat backrests, the rigid locking of gas lifts is absolutely necessary. The adequate design of BLOC-O-LIFT gas lifts meets this requirement. Rigid locking also allows to determine the direction in which the product is rigidly locked. Furthermore, there is a distinction made between orientation-specific and non-specific orientation design.
  • Locking STAB-O-MAT and STAB-O-BLOC gas lifts are elastic locking gas lifts used for suspension in swivel chairs; for variable locking; and for dampened height adjustment, even with above-average weights. So the pressure tube and support tube for these units are sized to allow the transfer of bending moments.

The custom designed combination of multiple gas lifts' properties creates more, and often key advantages for the manufacturer. So, for example, units with dampened adjustment movement can be fit with an end position lock. A further product variant is designed with dampened adjustment movement and progressive spring characteristic curve.

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Gas pressure damper manufacturer

Gas pressure dampers from manufacturer Stabilus are an essential design element in many industrial areas and used in numerous applications.

As early as in the 1960s, STABILUS developed gas pressure dampers and became the first manufacturer worldwide to manufacture products with series production maturity. With that began a success story that is second to none in this segment. To date, this manufacturer has produced and sold over 2 billion gas pressure dampers worldwide.

This has afforded STABILUS a leading market position as a gas pressure damper manufacturer, which the company is continuously expanding on. Innovative power, experience, technical expertise and service orientation are the cornerstones for development, production and application consulting at STABILUS.


STABILUS sets standards in gas spring technology

The company has proven this time and again with technical innovations to the gas pressure dampers, which the manufacturer keeps developing for new areas of application. Continuous product optimizations to improve comfort and functional safety in many applications in motor vehicles, furniture and many other industrial areas are a top priority for STABILUS.

Gas pressure dampers from manufacturer STABILUS stand for safe and comfortable opening, closing, lifting, lowering, damping and adjusting. Visit our website to learn more about the different product groups for a broad range of technical applications in nearly all industry branches.

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Gas spring office chairs

Innovations in height adjustment for high-end swivel chairs equipped with the STABILUS gas spring for office chairs

Whether standard functions or special functional demands need to be fulfilled – the STABILUS gas spring for office chairs will cater to any wishes.

STAB-O-MAT and STAB-O-BLOC gas springs in office chairs are highly ergonomic and allow for perfect seat height adjustment. Variable and comfortable seat height adjustment is ensured due to gas springs in office chairs. STABILUS’ height adjustments meet common worldwide standards for office, swivel and task chairs. We also design gas spring variations to meet special requirements for office chairs, for example, if the chair should not turn or roll away in the standing position. A STABILUS gas spring for office chairs from our extensive product line will provide the perfect solution for any application.


Properties of the STAB-O-MAT/STAB-O-BLOC gas spring for office chairs

  • Available as a complete column or individual gas spring for office chairs
  • Available in different lengths and with different strokes
  • Rotating and non-twisting versions
  • Complete columns with different outer tube versions
  • Telescope column with a disproportionate adjustment range
  • Different seat spring-mounting systems for more comfortable seating
  • Adjustable tappet projection
  • Different actuation systems
  • Multi-function column with return function
  • Column with stop function

In addition to the STAB-O-MAT/STAB-O-BLOC gas spring, we also offer the BLOC-O-LIFT, a locking gas spring for office chairs, for easy and comfortable adjustment of backrest or seat tilt. A special form of this BLOC-O-LIFT gas spring is the additional override function. This function is to protect the application from overload.

Stabilus offers different actuation systems for the BLOC-O-LIFT gas spring for office chairs. For applications with direct actuation on the gas spring, there are different release heads with a lever.

Bowden cable actuation is used when the actuation mechanism cannot be installed directly on the gas spring. This system consists of a release head, a Bowden cable with optional lengths, and the actuation unit.

With STABILUS gas springs in your office chairs, you will meet the requirements for safe and ergonomic seat and office furniture, for which we can offer various solutions that are easy to implement at attractive prices.

Gas Stays from STABILUS


The most important functions of STABILUS gas stays, also known as gas struts or gasdampers can be divided into two different categories:

  • Gas stays for force assist
  • Gas stays for force assist and spring or rigid locking

STABILUS is the leader in the development of gas stays, which are used in many areas of industry as well as in other applications. Our gas stays are divided into three product families according to use and function:

  • Non-locking gas stays: LIFT-O-MAT
  • Locking gas stays: BLOC-O-LIFT with spring or rigid locking
  • Locking gas stays for swivel chair height adjustment: STAB-O-MAT and STAB-O-BLOC.

In the area of non-locking LIFT-O-MAT gas stays, STABILUS offers a varied assortment of products with specific functions based on the applications. With a sealing system appropriate for use for hydraulic or dynamic motion damping; with a linear, progressive, or degressive spring characteristic curve; with an end position lock; with an electric switch function and with a temperature-compensated spring. All of these components contribute significantly to fulfill the core tasks of adjusting and damping.


The locking gas stays belonging to the BLOC-O-LIFT range of products have stepless locking, in addition to the functional characteristics of LIFT-O-MAT gas stays, such as adjusting and damping. This property is achieved through an integrated, small-sized valve system that retains the compact design of the gas strut. Locking gas stays come in two different types: the sliding valve and the seat valve.

STAB-O-MAT and STAB-O-BLOC are elastic locking gas stays. They were especially developed for use in swivel chairs. The combination of suspension, variable locking, and dampened height adjustment provides the ultimate in safety and comfort. These also function with above-average weight because the pressure tube and support tube of the equipment are sized to allow for bending moments.

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Gas Struts - Stabilus

Gas struts are hydropneumatic adjustment elements that obtain their power by high pressure nitrogen gas. This power works independently from suspension travel which means a decisive advantage to common mechanical springs. Consisting of a pressure tube, a piston rod with piston and appropriate connection fittings. A gas strut needs less space and enables the engineers to integrate a mechanism of damping inside the strut.

Gas struts are used whenever components, such as doors, flaps, and lids, must be brought into a defined position. They assist with lifting, lowering, opening, and closing. They provide safety in function and use. The struts control the extension force and damping action depending on the function, thereby ensuring user-friendly motion sequences.


Gas struts are often used for counterbalance, for example in furniture, toys or sport equipment. They are also installed as a compressed holding device in modern cars for bonnets or trunk lids. The struts support the person by opening the lids and keep them open. Gas struts take on the function of dampers in order to realize a soft slide of the lids. Passengers who go by plane will recognize gas struts on the luggage lockers inside the passenger cabin of the plane. Furthermore, struts find usage in the tool making industry. They replace ordinary springs made of steel because of their intense power density.

Gas struts make technology comfortable.
Gasdampers from STABILUS

Our line of gasdampers, also known in the industry as gas springs or gas struts, offers solutions for opening, closing, lifting, lowering, damping, and adjusting actions for nearly every product. We partner with companies from the most diverse sectors of industry and manufacturing that want to make their products even more convenient and safe for their customers by using gasdampers.

Gasdampers are used, in particular, for force assist and weight equalization, but also for damping and locking. So they’re always used whenever a convenient and safe adjusting function, along with a comfortable feel and high-quality look, are needed.


Gasdampers function based on the potential energy of compressed filling gas. Compared to mechanical springs, gasdampers have the following advantages:

  • Flat spring characteristic curve; i.e., low force increase even for high forces and large strokes
  • Compact design
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Selective linear, progressive, or degressive spring characteristic curve with the same external form
  • Damping of the adjustment movement in certain areas or throughout
  • Control of the extension speed
  • Variable locking mechanism
  • End position lock
  • Elastic or rigid characteristics in the locked state
  • Additional functions, such as electric switches, stop function, locking, etc. can be integrated

STABILUS gasdampers are divided into three product families according to primary functions and use:

  • The non-locking LIFT-O-MAT gasdampers are primarily designed as adjustment elements for force assist. They’re typically used, for example, to conveniently open and keep open tailgates, trunk lids, and engine compartment lids in passenger cars; as protective and safety covers in the industrial sector; and as furniture flaps. 
  • The locking BLOC-O-LIFT gasdamper does the same job as the LIFT-O-MAT, however it also allows for variable locking. Example uses for the BLOC-O-LIFT include backrest adjustment for seats and chairs; head and foot section adjustment in beds or operating tables; or tilt adjustment for desk tops.
  • Locking STAB-O-MAT and STAB-O-BLOC gasdampers are used especially for swivel chair height adjustment.
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Industrial dampers from Stabilus

STAB-O-SHOC industrial dampers from Stabilus are classified as motion dampers, flap dampers and vibration dampers.

Motion and flap dampers in the industrial damper segment are the most cost-efficient variants to safely and reliably dampen uncontrolled movements.


The main characteristics of these industrial dampers are their high quality and safety levels, outstanding performance, and long service life. These flap and motion dampers are used in closet doors, maintenance doors, household appliances such as stoves, ovens, dishwashers, in smoke exhaust hoods, hospital beds and office chairs, to name only a few areas of application of these industrial dampers.

For detailed information on flap and motion dampers click here.

Vibration dampers are another product group within Stabilus industrial dampers. They will absorb shock and avoid large oscillation amplitudes, thereby ensuring smooth running of machinery and equipment.

Oil hydraulic vibration dampers from the STAB-O-SHOC line usually feature symmetrical force distribution in the tension and compression directions and ensure evenly defined damping even when the movement is reversed.

The area of application of these vibration dampers includes the great variety of industrial machining systems, industrial washers and current collectors.

For more information and product variants for industrial vibration dampers click here

Linear actuator(s)


A linear actuator is any device which converts energy into linear (or straight-line) motion. Linear actuators derive their energy from various sources, depending on their function and the context in which they are used.

A linear actuator provides a very efficient means of storing and releasing energy in a proportionately small device. This feature gives it a wide range of applications across several industries.

In an automotive context, a linear actuator either stores pneumatic and hydraulic energy in the compressed chambers of a cylinder, or generates electrical energy through the use of a motor.

Pneumatic and hydraulic energy are released when a piston moves through the cylinder of the linear actuator and displaces the compressed gas, with the oil restraining (or dampening) the piston’s passage and preventing abrupt or sudden motion.

Linear actuators are present everywhere in a typical motor vehicle, from the pistons in the carburator to the gas springs in the seats, windows and tailgate. The energy generated by these linear actuators enables them to lift and lower parts and components, or keep them in a locked position.

Gas springs and dampers act as linear actuators by releasing hydraulic and pneumatic energy to generate the up-down-stop motion associated with the opening and closing of trunk lids and tailgates.

Power tailgate


How often do we pause to consider every component which allows our vehicles to function? We don’t – we confidently expect them to quietly work in the background, without our intervention.

The POWERISE power tailgate system from Stabilus now provides this same peace of mind to the operation of trunk lids and tailgates. Users of our Powerise power tailgate systems will benefit from our uncompromising approach to efficiency and performance.

POWERISE power tailgate is an automatic lid drive system which optimizes force assist and weight equalization during the opening and closing of the trunk lid. The Powerise power tailgate facilitate a smooth, continuous and restrained motion.

Speed control and a variable locking mechanism are standard features; the trunk lid can also be halted in any intermediate position. In addition, the power tailgate will automatically stop if it encounters an obstacle, thus reducing the risk of damage and injury.

At Stabilus, we don’t just keep up with developments – we set the trends. As such, our Powerise power tailgate motor drives systems are fully compatible with the latest automatic lid motors and remote control systems.

All POWERISE power tailgate systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards, as we believe in making things that last.

POWERISE power tailgate: automatic lid motor for automatic opening and closing of trunk lids and tailgates. Hands-on design for hands-off comfort

Shock absorber, gas-filled shock absorber

Shock absorbers from STABILUS - an indispensible structural component in many areas of industry

At the beginning of the '60s, STABILUS was the first company in the world to develop gas struts - also known as shock absorbers or gas-filled shock absorbers - in mass production and to bring them to the market.

Since then the company has produced well over 1.5 billion shock absorbers and sold them worldwide.

With many years of experience in development, production, and application consulting, STABILUS has created the authoritative standard in gas strut technology.


The first serial applications of STABILUS gas-filled shock absorbers were for various uses in passenger cars, industry, and in office swivel chairs. The properties of the shock absorbers resulted in a significant improvement in comfort and functional safety - none of which has changed to this day.

Over the years STABILUS has constantly expanded its range of shock absorbers, specializing in the most diverse areas of application.

Today STABILUS produces and markets over 120 million units yearly from its family of shock absorbers and gas-filled shock absorbers to be used for a variety of technical applications in all branches of industry, providing safe and convenient opening, closing, lifting, lowering, damping, and adjusting.

STABILUS shock absorbers are divided into three product families according to primary functions and use:

  • LIFT-O-MAT are non-locking shock absorbers that are primarily designed as adjustment elements for force assist. They're typically used for tailgates, trunk lids, and engine compartment lids in passenger cars, protective and safety covers in the industrial sector, and furniture lids.
  • BLOC-O-LIFT are elastic or rigid locking or locking shock absorbers which are used, for example, for backrest adjustment of seats and chairs, head and foot section adjustment in beds or operating tables, or tilt adjustment for desk tops.
  • STAB-O-MAT and STAB-O-BLOC are locking shock absorbers that are used especially for swivel chair height adjustment.

Learn more about the variety of uses and applications of shock absorbers in our product overview.

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