Compliance at Stabilus

We at Stabilus want to safeguard the sustainable success of our company - and not just with technological excellence, innovative power and outstanding quality alone. In addition, the way we treat each other, how we present ourselves in business dealings and how committed we are to community needs is also intended to make a positive contribution to fair, honest and sustainable actions in business and society.

Clear Rules

It is the foundation of all of our actions that we conduct business only in full compliance with the respective legal requirements and in agreement with our company values that are translated in our Code of Conduct into general conduct guidelines.

We also expect our business partners to pursue their business activity in a manner which is compliant with all applicable legal requirements and with the principles of our Code of Conduct.

Compliance Management

A Group-wide Compliance Organization supports the individual Stabilus companies in implementing the Code of Conduct and in organizing their business processes to ensure that legal risks associated with the operative business processes are identified early on and controlled by means of suitable measures to avoid violations of the law.

Questions and Compliance Concerns – Contact Us!

If you become aware of activities within the Stabilus Group and are not sure, if they are consistent with legal requirements, the Stabilus Code of Conduct or internal guidelines of the Stabilus Group, you should ideally discuss these topics directly with your supervisor or the corresponding technical department.

Whenever you feel that this is not possible - for whatever reason - please contact us for advice or to voice your concerns in a confidential environment. Your questions and reported concerns will help us identify vulnerabilities early on and ward off damage to our company, employees and business partners, as well as the general public.

Secure Reporting Portal

In situations where you would prefer not to contact us in person, you have the option of providing information regarding violations of laws or internal guidelines of the Stabilus Group on a special communication platform outside of the Stabilus IT network. This Internet-based platform offers employees and external parties a reporting system that guarantees secure and confidential processing of your reports and is available around the clock.

Contact Person

Dr. Ina Becker
Chief Compliance Officer/Corporate Legal Counsel
Wallersheimer Weg 100
56070 Koblenz
Mobile: +49 172 354 9085
Fax: +49 261 8900-73360