Koblenz, May 16, 2017 - Stabilus, a leading supplier of gas springs, dampers and electro-mechanical drives for motion control, will debut its new, revolutionary column technology for office chairs at the “interzum” furniture trade fair, held in Cologne from May 16 through 19. Thanks to this feature, the same chair can be used as a mobile swivel chair as well as a fixed sit-stand work stool. This so-called sit-stand column will be used for the first time in the BALANCE.CHAIR office chair from Koenig + Neurath (K+N). With just one movement, the user can manually convert the swivel chair into a standing support by adjusting the cantilevered, mobile backrest. The chair column will automatically extend a stopper to the floor, which will stabilize the chair and prevent it from rolling away. In swivel chair mode, the user can release the stop and use the chair like a traditional mobile office chair. It uses the Stabilus sit-stand column with a gas spring and a fitting featuring a 50 mm outer tube diameter, and an adjustment range from 80 to 135 mm. Thanks to the technology developed by Stabilus, the chair combines the sitting and standing functions, making it the ideal addition to any sit-stand work space. Superior workmanship with high-end material combinations and cutting-edge contours truly make the K+N BALANCE.CHAIR shine. The result is a chair that stands for superb function, design and material in seating.

Manfred Metzdorf, Director Sales Commercial Furniture at Stabilus, said: “In the past, the user of a classic sit-stand workstation was faced with the dilemma of actually needing two pieces of furniture to use both working positions for a longer time period. But with the sit-stand-column from Stabilus, office chair manufacturers now can integrate an option into their overall system by which the mobile swivel chair and the fixed standing support are merged into one product. This development is a nod to the industry trend of greater flexibility and improved ergonomics in the workplace.”

Stabilus has decades of comprehensive experience in the development of solutions for motion control in different industries, ranging from automotive, machinery manufacturing, agriculture to office and kitchen furniture as well as medical technology and sustainable energies. The tried -and-true technology meets the highest quality requirements. Gas springs, dampers and electro-mechanical drives from Stabilus are small, light-weight and flexible, allowing them to make pretty much any opening, closing, lifting and lowering as well as adjusting process easy and automatic. In addition, they can protect the products from vibration. 

For more information, visit our booth C018 in Hall 7 or http://www.stabilus.com

Press kit: http://www.stabilus.com/press/interzum_2017/


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Über Stabilus

As a globally leading supplier of gas springs, dampers and electro-mechanical drives, Stabilus has demonstrated its expertise in the automotive industry as well as many other industries for eight decades. With the help of gas springs, dampers and electro-mechanical POWERISE® drives, Stabilus optimizes opening, closing, lifting and lowering as well as adjusting, and provides protection from vibration. The company is headquartered in Koblenz, Germany, and has more than 6,000 employees worldwide. In the 2016 fiscal year, Stabilus achieved total sales of EUR 737.5 million. Stabilus has a global production network in nine countries. Through its regional offices and distributors, Stabilus is also represented in more than fifty countries in Europe, North, Central, and South America and in the Asian-Pacific area. Stabilus S.A. is listed in the Prime Standard and the SDAX Index of the German stock exchange.