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By air, sea, or rail, our products make travel safer and more comfortable by absorbing vibration and helping to open and close flaps and panels. They reduce shocks, prevent wear and help maintain performance.


As your global first choice partner in advanced motion control solutions, we develop the leading technology solutions worldwide through the uniquely broad product portfolio of our segment experts.

General Aerospace is the world’s leading expert in motion control components, and your first choice for the innovative development of unique and high-quality solutions.

ACE is the leading quality supplier of industrial damping technology and the expert for the rapid development of your solution. 

Fabreeka is the leading expert for individual solutions for vibration isolation.

HAHN is the world’s leading full-range supplier of gas springs, tension gas springs and dampers, with production in Germany. HAHN is the first choice for the rapid development of standard products up to technically complex solutions.

As a member of the STABILUS company, Tech Products manufactures an extensive line of shock and vibration isolation solutions. 



Assisted opening and closing of overhead compartments makes flying safer. Easy access panel opening makes maintenance more efficient. Vibration isolation makes electronics more reliable. In these and many other ways, we make aviation better.

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Our products make train journeys more comfortable by damping shocks and vibrations, in seats and throughout train cars. Our gas springs make storage compartments easy to open, and keep them securely closed during travel.

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Easy opening, secure holding, and damped closing of hatches and bunks make boating more relaxing. Damping engine vibrations makes things smoother and saves wear. We offer special corrosion-resistant products for marine use.

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Vibrations and shocks are inherent to the military environment. Our products attenuate vibration, absorb recoil, and reduce shock to protect equipment and personnel.

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