Environmental protection – taking responsibility around the world Environmental protection

We take responsibility – around the world

We started working toward meeting the requirements of effective environmental protection early on and have been consistent in this endeavor. After all, ecology and the environment are part of the big picture of product quality at Stabilus. The tenets of our company include developing environmentally compatible products as well as producing, marketing, and disposing of them at the end of their service life in an environmentally friendly manner.

The ecological quality of our products

We work toward conservation of resources as early in the process as the design and development of our gas springs, dampers, and electromechanical drives. Even in the face of increasing production in recent years, we have reduced our energy consumption. In particular, we have reduced our carbon emissions considerably. You will find a detailed report about our environmental management program in our Environmental Statement 2020.

Our certifications

We take environmental protection seriously. That’s why we have established a strategic environmental management program and an energy management program at our company.

Environmental statement 2022


Certificate ISO 14001

Certificate ISO 50001