Expertise in automatic opening and closing POWERISE – electromechanical drives for the automotive industry

When it comes to opening and closing doors, tailgates, and trunk hatches and lids, drivers have come to expect a high degree of comfort and safety that is now practically standard.

Here, the automatic electromechanical damper drives from Stabilus keep setting the bar higher. With Automotive POWERISE systems, moving elements can be opened and closed smoothly within seconds. 

Viewed as a whole: The system structure wins out.

Stabilus does more for the automotive industry than just provide the optimal POWERISE drive technology – we also take on the overall function of system provider. 

Perfectly intermeshed solutions for programming of intermediate positions, detection of external forces, and automatic opening, closing, or stopping are critical. These possibilities all evolve from the harmonious interplay between kinematics, counterbalancing, and electrical and electronic components.

Modular design: many common parts, endless options

Despite their constantly expanding diversity, our modular concepts offer a solution to every demand for state-of-the-art comfort and safety functions. Under this philosophy, we have successfully seen numerous technological concepts through to series production. 

That’s why our research into optimization of weight, construction size, and noise keeps the modular concept in the foreground. Our use of as many common parts as possible yields advantages for you as an automobile manufacturer and supplier both in terms of proven quality and economies of scale. Capitalize on our project experience and rigorous developments for your applications as well!

Exclusively for the series

Please note that our electromechanical drives are not suitable for retrofitting. They can only replace drives that are part of factory/series production. Please consult your trusted auto shop in this case.

Benefits to you

  • moving parts such as engine hoods, doors, tailgates, trunk hatches and lids open and close within seconds
  • retention in any intermediate position
  • added safety thanks to integrated sensors
  • optimal design for any vehicle type
  • qualitative advantages and economies of scale thanks to a modular concept

Powerise - automatic damper actuators

Automatically opening and closing trunk lids and holding them in intermediate positions is now almost a matter of course for car buyers. Stabilus contributes to this as a system supplier of technologically leading electromechanical POWERISE flap drives. Extremely variable and economically optimized according to the modular concept.