That wow factor at the dealership Side doors

It’s a scene that plays out every day in the showroom of many car dealerships: Potential buyers test out how easily doors open, how securely they stay in position, and how solidly they fall into the lock. 

When the Stabilus DORSTOP is part of the package, the chances of getting the nod of approval are higher. The DORSTOP is a door check with speed-based end-position damping that enables retention in any position. It enables easy, comfortable, and safe opening and closing of car doors. As a special application, it can also be integrated into automatic power closure and opening systems for doors.


As a hydraulic system, the DORSTOP ensures safe retention and comfortable adjustment of car doors at any opening angle.

Because the DORSTOP has two separate valve systems for opening and closing, it can be adjusted for the specific opening and closing forces desired for each vehicle.

A fascinating feature is the hydraulic end-position damping integrated into the DORSTOP. It gently stops the car door and holds the door in position whenever there’s a heavy gust of wind, when the door is thrown open, or when the car is on a steep slope. The main attraction of the end-position damping function is its sensitivity to the speed applied: With normal door operation, which happens at a low speed, the end-position damping is barely detectable. At higher speeds, the effect gets stronger as the speed of the door's travel increases.

DORSTOP does not require a power source. And thanks to the self-lubricating hydraulic system, it’s also maintenance free.

Benefits to you

  • door maintains position in any opening angle
  • no defined locking positions means no minimum opening angle
  • simple adjustment
  • pleasant feel
  • the door stops gently when thrown open, improving comfort and safety with end-position damping
  • maintenance-free operation