Comfort with a system Automotive POWERISE

Automatic opening and closing of trunk hatches and lids at the push of a button or upon approach with a fob has become the standard of convenience across the board in passenger car design. 

In the short film "The POWERISE Story" you can find out more about the history of POWERISE and how we are continuing to shape the future of electromechanical drives.

Ultimate responsibility for a valuable system

Stabilus does more than just develop outstanding drive technology for trunk lid drives. As a system provider, we also assume responsibility for overall functionality, ensuring that the maximum requirements for safe and low-noise operation are met. A crucial factor here is the perfect coordination between kinematics, counterbalancing, and the components used. Our years of expertise are how we can provide harmonious interaction between these aspects. And in doing so, we ensure high-quality functionality in three areas: 

  • automatic opening, closing, and stopping
  • programmable positions for intermediate stops
  • obstacle detection to prevent injuries or damage due to improper operation or misuse of the trunk hatch or lid

Modular concept secures functional synergies and economic efficiency

Under this philosophy, we have successfully seen numerous technological concepts through to series production over time. Our research into optimization of weight, construction size, and noise keeps the modular concept in the foreground. Consistent use of as many common parts as possible guarantees both qualitative and economic advantages. Our project experience as well as the rigorous developments we have already concluded form the basis for our high level of expertise in the application area of trunk lid drives.

Good to know for planning

Please note that our electromechanical drives are not suitable for retrofitting. They can only replace drives that are part of factory/series production. Please consult your trusted auto shop in this case.

Electromechanical systems for trunk lids and flaps

POWERISE spindle drives are suitable for one-sided or two-sided installation. A comprehensive modular system serves as the foundation. The additional integrated spring turns the spindle drive into the complete system that supports the overall functionality – which includes comfortable manual operation.

Available in two models:

  • the compact SD90, particularly suitable for trunk lids
  • the slim coaxial SD35, suitable for trunk hatches

Stabilus Powerise SD90
pdf (2 MB)


Stabilus Powerise SD35
pdf (624 KB)


System solutions for operating doors

The POWERISE system also includes electromechanical drives for moving doors.

Available in two versions: 

  • Compact door operator PCS, without visible spindle 
  • Compact door operator DA90, with visible spindle

Stabilus Door Actuator PCS
pdf (2 MB)


Stabilus Powerise DA90
pdf (2 MB)