The new class of electromechanical drive systems for industry Industrial POWERISE® - Power meets control

Industrial POWERISE® brings elegant, precise, controllable force directly to your application. With all the options offered by an extensive portfolio – from a functional basic drive to our smart, communication-capable flagship product.

Benefit from the experience of our proven automotive drives, which we have fundamentally redeveloped for industrial applications. Define a new standard for comfort and ergonomics in electrical movements.

Highlights at a glance

  • Integrated control

    Integration of the ECU (electronic control unit) in the drive (for IPR35 Smart and IPR40 Smart)

  • Safety Integrated

    Safe control according to EN ISO 13849-1 (for IPR40 Smart and the external ECU)

  • Silent Movement

    Best-in-class noise reduction for noise-sensitive environments

  • Automotive industry DNA

    Stabilus is the OEM no. 1 in the industry with the IATF certified drive of the Automotive POWERISE®

  • Drive plus gas springs

    Unique combination of dynamic force and load compensation

  • Modular system

    Custom configuration and simple adjustment on a modular basis

  • Application Engineering

    Partnership to develop exactly the right solution for your requirements

Your advantages

Industrial POWERISE® offers you consistently convincing sales arguments, from product management to design and purchasing. Whether your focus is on creating a high-quality application, seamless integration of your product, or efficient value creation: discover the specialized advantages for your function.



With Industrial Powerise®, the possibilities are limitless for your products. Let your customers feel the quality in every motion – from precise travel down to the millimeter to power for electrical lifting and lowering, opening, closing and holding heavy elements.

Industrial POWERISE® is quieter than the competition, for applications where silence is essential. The drives are maintenance-free throughout their service lives. Need more freedom for innovative features? The dynamic power of Industrial Powerise® can be combined to create a system solution with reliable load compensation by gas springs from the Stabilus Group. The combination of these two components helps you and your application achieve uniquely innovative, ergonomic, power and energy-saving, safe and fully automatic movement and operation – even in an emergency.



Your task is to translate innovative product ideas into intelligent design. Industrial POWERISE® offers you the selection you need to do so, even in the standard variants – spindle pitches from 2 to 30 millimeters, external or internal control units, and graduated communication options up to a CAN bus interface. 

Streamlined dimensions and high-power density give you plenty of freedom for ergonomic product design. We also support you if you need a custom drive configuration or length (“cut to length”) or want to develop your own customized series with us. Our Application Engineering experts are happy to contribute their experience and intensive pre-development work as the foundation for our joint success.



Thanks to the specific strengths our expert brands offer, the Stabilus Group provides flexible business models for your purchasing goals. You can choose to purchase our standard variants with short delivery times from the catalogs of our expert brands, or make custom adaptations based on available modules. You can even develop your own customized large series production in partnership with the Stabilus core brand. Collaboration with our proven Application Engineering team is included.

By consistently using as many identical parts as possible, and by offering a high degree of integration, we help you save costs in production, assembly and replacement parts storage. With all these advantages, you are choosing a product with DNA shaped by the proven quality of our IATF certified Automotive POWERISE® drives.

Industrial POWERISE® – three sales models to choose from

Industrial Powerise – drei Geschäftsmodelle zur Wahl

Standard products

Configured standard products

Custom development

What is available?

Pre-defined configurations in different force/length combinations

Custom configuration and “cut-to-length”

Joint product series development

How will you receive your product?

Selected from catalog and delivered by ACE. Available within a few business days

Via convenient configuration using the online configurator*

As the result of the development process, produced and delivered by Stabilus

How do we support you?

Optional advising

Application engineering

Application engineering





* in planning

Example applications

Industrial Powerise® is the electrical motion control solution for a wide range of applications across industrial sectors: from the automotive industry to commercial vehicles to industrial systems and automation; from health, recreation and furnishings to energy and construction, to aviation, shipping and railways. 

Your application – Your requirement – Your drive

No matter what you want to move with the Industrial Powerise®: your requirements determine the solution – and the approach. You can choose from our wide range of product variants from a catalog or create a custom configuration or fully customized development.

Stabilus_Industrial POWERISE_Commercial Vehicles_EN.pdf
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Stabilus_Industrial POWERISE_Datasheets_EN.pdf
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Stabilus_Industrial POWERISE_Mechanical Engineering_EN.pdf
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Industrial POWERISE for the furniture industry
pdf (4 MB)


Commercial vehicle example applications

Agricultural vehicles:

  • Cab windows and doors
  • Maintenance flaps
  • Improved ergonomics (steering wheel adjustment, retractable access assistance)

Construction vehicles:

  • Cab windows and doors
  • Maintenance flaps
  • Hood


  • Storage area and side flaps
  • Doors
  • Interior luggage compartments

Heavy trucks:

  • Hood
  • Doors
  • Sleepers

Conveyor technology:

  • Cab windows and doors
  • Battery cover
  • Restraint - driver protection systems


  • Pop tops
  • Side flaps / rear garages
  • Beds (adjust, move, unfold)

Special vehicles:

  • Canopy / lift gates
  • Ramps
  • Sales vehicles / sales flaps 

Mechanical engineering example applications

  • Flaps and covers
  • Adjustment units
  • Sliding doors

“Industrial Powerise® delivers proven quality from the automotive industry for your industrial application, with 50 million units sold. You benefit from our many years of application expertise for a wide range of industrial sectors.”

Christoph Kaiser, Stabilus GmbH
Product Manager & Team Leader Industrial POWERISE®

IPR – The Industrial POWERISE® family


Would you like to learn more about the new class of electromechanical drives? Your direct access to Industrial POWERISE®: Send us an email to

You would like to know more?

What are the advantages of combining an electromechanical drive and gas springs?

Industrial Powerise® delivers the dynamic force – gas springs add load compensation. This provides you and your application with uniquely ergonomic, force and energy-saving and safe movement and operation – even in an emergency like a power outage. This combination opens the door to new applications that you can use to differentiate yourself from the competition.

How can I customize “my” Industrial POWERISE®?

You have two basic options: if our standard variants don’t offer exactly the configuration you are looking for, we are happy to expand the range of options with custom variants. You can then select these in the future over the online configurator. Our Application Engineering team is also happy to support you upon request. If you need your own, custom-tailored drive series, we are also open to collaborate with you on development. The support we offer ranges from consultation and application engineering to pre-development. We will manufacture your specialized Industrial POWERISE® based on the POWERISE® platform. 

What safety standards can I fulfill with Industrial POWERISE® IPR40 Smart?

Our Stabilus ECU or the ECU integrated into the IPR40 can be used even for safety-relevant applications. Please see our assembly manual, or get in touch with us.

Why is it important to also be able to manually adjust the Industrial POWERISE®?

The manual adjustment can be used to handle even critical situations, like a power outage. This allows you to complete movements in a coordinated manner and without posing a danger to people, machinery, or the environment.

Can experience from the automotive industry be translated to my sector?

At Stabilus, we are proud to have been a pioneer in electromechanical drives in collaboration with the automotive industry. Our joint success story began in 2002 with the introduction of the Automotive POWERISE® for the Mercedes-Maybach. Today, the drive is installed in around one third of vehicles from many different brands. Now, we are combining the production experience offered by the POWERISE® platform, with over 50 million units sold, with our application expertise from many different industrial areas, where we are a market leader with our gas springs and damping products.