Open-air driving – no open items on the wish list Convertible tops

Traveling through the countryside, sun on your face – driving a convertible is and remains a big dream for a lot of people. The top should of course be able to open and close safely, easily, and without any issues for many years. 

The extensive portfolio of Stabilus products makes the open-air driving experience complete. These products guarantee comfortable automatic and manual operation of the soft top and the soft top cover panel – and that rounds off the high-class image of your product. 


Gas springs and dampers from Stabilus offer the force assistance needed for easy operation and ensure uniform component travel.

Your advantages

  • high quality conveyed by easy operation 
  • harmonious component travel with end-position damping
  • simple integration into your product thanks to compact dimensions and low weight
  • time savings thanks to simple installation
  • customizable through the ability to specify spring characteristics and speed
  • high level of comfort thanks to force assistance for easy opening
  • customer satisfaction due to cushioned movement

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for optimal counterbalancing and harmonious travel, with a design based on the force-assisting operating principle