Monitoring for intelligent protection Smart solutions for solar dampers

Solar trackers play an important role in large photovoltaic power stations. But how can you tell if they’re still being protected by their dampers long after installation? 

Stabilus offers even more than just damping technology – now also available is a smart solution for monitoring the dampers’ operating cycles. This avoids long downtimes for testing. 

Is it damping or not – previously a big mystery

Solar trackers guide solar panels to follow the position of the sun in order to increase the system’s efficiency. And when it’s windy, trackers protect these valuable components against damage.

WindTamer dampers will provide an important service here (currently in development). Once dampers have been installed for some time, it can’t be determined for certain whether they still have enough hydraulic oil for damping. Until now, this meant that you had to weigh or visually inspect each individual damper – that adds up to several weeks of downtime for a large solar farm.

Smart solutions – improved return through visibility

When a solar farm’s weather monitoring station detects strong incoming winds, the individual trackers get parked in a safe position to prevent damage. At least until now. 

The new patent-pending process from Stabilus retrieves the status of the dampers from the “black box.” It helps smart solar dampers “know” when they need to be replaced so a notification can be sent accordingly. 

What this means for the solar farm operator: The trackers can keep on running, thus helping generate clean energy with a high degree of efficiency. They also reduce effort and downtime considerably by eliminating visual and manual damper inspection processes.