Captains of the road – with optimal support Large trucks

The truck driver. Many hours on the road – challenged as a driver, maintenance person, and cargo handler. How can these workers be best supported so they can concentrate through their workday, sit ergonomically, and accomplish as much as possible without getting fatigued?

Stabilus gas springs, available in many different models, make an important contribution here. They turn the driver’s seat into an ergonomic workplace. Not only that, but they also ensure safe and comfortable operation of the panels on the numerous storage compartments throughout the cabin. This also makes accessing papers and tools quick and easy. There are also innovative applications that focus on the side and roof spoilers. Gas springs keep them securely in position, achieving two clear goals: high quality and consumption optimization.  


Stabilus gas springs ensure comfortable opening, secure positioning, and cushioned closing of all doors and panels on large trucks. Additional protective devices on the gas spring, such as a locking tube, can securely prevent unintended closing of even heavy components. Dampers reliably and gently cushion unpleasant impacts. Among all of these characteristics, our gas springs stand out through their easy installation and maintenance-free operation. 

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Gas springs for secure positioning


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