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Movement is our life. We develop, manufacture, and supply products that make things move – products that have made a name for themselves around the world.

Standard program gas springs and dampers
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Gas springs and dampers
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Even broader selection? The extended Stabilus Group portfolio.

Practically a motion control dictionary – the full portfolio of the entire Stabilus Group includes products from ACE, Fabreeka, General Aerospace, HAHN Gasfedern, and Tech Products. 

Just a sampling of what it contains: profile dampers, safety products, industrial gas springs, hydraulic feed controls, rotary dampers, expansion bearings, foundation isolation, levelers, pneumatic isolation, shock and vibration pads, thermal breaks, trunk lid opening systems, mini spring actuators, e-latches, tension gas springs, double-stroke gas springs, sliding door dampers, mounts – basically anything you could dream up!

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