From the hospital bed to the RV table BLOC-O-LIFT locking gas springs

As a proven standard, as a variant for vertical or any other installation position, as a safe solution for lifting table tops .Discover the entire design variety of our BLOC-O-LIFT lockable gas springs. Discover the full design diversity of our BLOC-O-LIFT locking gas springs: the tried-and-true standard, models for vertical or any other mounting orientation, as a safe solution for raising table surfaces, and much more.

BLOC-O-LIFT – our standard, elastic locking

The standard-type BLOC-O-LIFT is an elastic-locking gas spring that’s perfect for easy, comfortable adjusting of furniture and panels. It also enables safe positioning of these applications anywhere in range.

It’s right at home in the backrest adjustment mechanism of swivel chairs, where a subtle rebound of the spring is highly sought after in support of ergonomics.

In practice

Locking in any position is made possible by a special piston valve system that separates the two pressure chambers in the spring such that gas cannot travel from one chamber to the other. When the valve is open, the BLOC-O-LIFT provides force assistance, supporting user-friendly component travel based on predefined damping characteristics. When the valve is closed, the gas spring locks gently in the desired position with a slight rebound.

The standard BLOC-O-LIFT is charged with gas and is installed with the piston rod oriented downward.

Fact sheet

  • elastic locking in any position; optimal counterbalancing during lifting, lowering, opening, and closing
  • comfortable cushioning and damping upon impact or at the peak of pulse-type loads
  • flat spring characteristic curve (i.e., low increase in force even with strong forces or long strokes)
  • compact design, minimal space requirement
  • simple installation thanks to an assortment of end fittings

Suitable for

  • soft elastic locking in the backrest adjustment mechanism of swivel chairs or massage armchairs
  • height adjustment of physician’s stools with foot release
  • anywhere elements require elastic locking for positioning of inherent load only (no external force)

BLOC-O-LIFT – rigid locking, vertical mounting orientation

If your application allows for an essentially vertical mounting orientation of the BLOC-O-LIFT, then a cost-effective model for rigid locking is part of your range of options.

In practice

The entire travel path of the piston is in oil in this model, which makes rigid locking possible. Although a vertical mounting orientation is necessary, this does mean that additional components, such as the separator piston, can be eliminated.

If the gas spring is to lock in the extension direction, it is installed with the piston rod oriented downward. If locking in the compression direction is needed, the gas spring is installed with the piston rod oriented upward.

Fact sheet

  • cost-effective model with very high rigid locking strength provided by oil
  • rigid locking in any position; optimal counterbalancing during lifting, lowering, opening, and closing
  • compact design, minimal space requirement
  • an assortment of end fittings for efficient installation

Suitable for:

  • height adjustment of hospital beds, operating tables
  • armrest and headrest adjustment

BLOC-O-LIFT – rigid locking, any mounting orientation

Rigid-locking BLOC-O-LIFT gas springs are perfect for applications that need to remain fixed in position even when subjected to high external forces.

In practice

While the standard BLOC-O-LIFT is only filled with gas and provides elastic locking, the piston’s entire travel path of this model is filled with oil, thus providing rigid locking. 

An additional separator piston separates the gas chamber from the oil chamber. Depending on the position, it provides different blocking forces in the extension direction (extension-locked) or the compression direction (compression-locked).

The separator piston also creates the advantage that the gas spring can be installed in any orientation.

Fact sheet

  • very high locking strength provided by oil
  • any mounting orientation
  • locking in any position; optimal counterbalancing during lifting, lowering, opening, and closing
  • compact design, minimal space requirement
  • an assortment of end fittings for efficient installation

Suitable for:

  • head and foot section adjustment of hospital beds, operating tables, wheelchairs
  • height adjustment of walking aids
  • armrest, headrest, and driver’s seat adjustment
  • table height and angle adjustment

BLOC-O-LIFT – with override function

This model of the Stabilus BLOC-O-LIFT is also equipped with an override function, which enables locking in any position. It’s perfect for protecting the components of its application from being overloaded or for making operation significantly easier on the operator.

In practice

Extension override

This function rigidly locks the gas spring in the compressed state. If the piston rod is subjected to an excessive traction force, an overload valve in the piston automatically opens, releasing the lock. The gas spring extends, thereby protecting the application from damage that would be caused by a hard impact against the floor, for example.

This model is recommended for use in treatment tables and in furniture for sitting and reclining. It enables head and foot sections to be adjusted without actuating a special release mechanism.

Compression override

In this design, the gas spring locks in the extended state. This model also has an overload valve that opens as soon as the gas spring is subjected to a load that exceeds a defined limit. The lock is released and the piston rod slowly retracts, thus protecting the application from overload. That’s how these springs afford valuable protection that frequently comes into play in the height and angle adjustment of table surfaces.

Fact sheet

  • depending on design, the gas spring protects against overload in the locked state to protect the application against damage
  • simple operation
  • override force can be freely specified within a range
  • available as rigid-locking gas springs for mounting in vertical orientation or any orientation

Suitable for:

  • head and foot sections of treatment tables, hospital beds, massage tables
  • seat and foot sections of armchairs and furniture for lying down
  • table surfaces, desks with height and/or angle adjustment functionality

BLOC-O-LIFT OBT – over-bed table of hospital beds

BLOC-O-LIFT OBT (over-bed table) gas springs: tailor-made for safe and comfortable operation in the variable height adjustment of mobile bedside tables on hospital and nursing beds.

In practice

The BLOC-O-LIFT OBT rigidly locks in any position desired – and it enables instantaneous extension without a release mechanism whenever needed.

In an emergency, the table surface can quickly be extended upward from below with minimal pressure to get it out of the way. The release lever only has to be actuated for lowering.

The OBT function of Stabilus gas springs is generally used in the vertical mounting orientation.

Fact sheet

  • safe and fast raising of locked table surfaces without actuating a release mechanism
  • simplified table operation – with the added benefit of safety

Suitable for:

  • table adjusting systems in hospital nightstands and school furniture

BLOC-O-LIFT T – easy adjustment of table heights

Easy adjustment of table height is often part of the everyday job. The different product variants of the BLOC-O-LIFT T are perfect in these applications.

In practice

The spring characteristic curve of the BLOC-O-LIFT T is very flat, which ensures essentially uniform force assistance through the entire stroke. This enables the table surface to be moved very easily no matter its weight without causing the table to lose its stability or load-bearing capacity.

This spring can be installed in any orientation. The lock can be released via hand lever or foot lever based on specification to adjust the table height easily and comfortably.

Fact sheet

  • easy and comfortable adjustment through low compression damping and uniform force distribution through the entire stroke
  • compact design with long stroke
  • installation in any orientation possible
  • table can be rigidly locked in any position

Suitable for:

  • high-top tables (single-column tables)
  • desks (two-column tables)
  • lecterns 
  • nightstands
  • height-adjustable kitchen surfaces
  • RV tables

Mechanical release systems for locking gas springs

The Stabilus portfolio contains various release systems for BLOC-O-LIFT gas springs.

SOFT-O-TOUCH Bowden cable release

This product line brings you complete release systems in an appealing design. Five different ergonomic button heads with axial or lateral Bowden cable exits as well as two different release heads provide flexibility in design and positioning of the gas spring.

More BLOC-O-LIFT release systems

The standard release system is a slide valve with a release path of 2.5 mm. For extremely short release paths and particularly simple operation, Stabilus offers a poppet valve with a release path of 1 mm.

Indirect Bowden cable release

This system is used in applications where actuation can’t take place directly on the gas spring. It consists of your release head, the actuation unit, and a Bowden cable, which you can specify the length of.

Direct release

We offer various release heads with levers for applications with a release mechanism directly on the gas spring. We would be happy to help you determine which release system is right for your application.

Suitable for:

  • backrest and armrest adjustment in swivel chairs
  • table height adjustment
  • head and foot section adjustment of loungers, beds, etc.

Lockable gas springs KOMBI-LIFT

The KOMBI-LIFT allows the positioning of a flap  in freely selectable positions. 


It reliably protects flaps of high vehicles (industrial trucks or special vehicles) from hitting garage ceilings or gates. Smaller people can thus also limit the angle of opening and facilitate the handling of the vehicle. 

Practice box

The KOMBI-LIFT from Stabilus combines the advantages of lockable and non-lockable gas springs.  

For this purpose, the KOMBI-LIFT can be equipped with a special groove in the pressure tube in one section. In this area, the piston rod extends freely as with a conventional gas spring. In the areas without a groove, a valve must be opened via the release system - the flap then extends the entire opening angle to the end position or desired position. The functional areas can be arranged as desired over the entire stroke.

The closing process and thus the insertion can again take place without triggering, because the piston rod is not blocked in this direction.

Fact Sheet

  • Combined functionality of lockable and non-lockable gas spring for special applications
  • Freely selectable function ranges over the entire stroke
  • Various release systems can be used for lockable gas springs

Suitable for:

  • Tailgates of high vehicles
  • Flap limitation in cabin construction for commercial vehicles