Travel companions for comfort and safety Buses

Many details make up the overall feel of bus travel. A great example is when luggage compartment doors open and close elegantly at the push of a button and stay closed even when the ride gets a little bumpy. 

Our focus isn’t just on the passengers, though – it’s on the driver as well. An ergonomic driver’s seat makes it possible to both relax and focus at work in a way that can literally be felt. Stabilus gas springs and dampers cushion vibrations and provide intuitive, ergonomic adjustment here.


Our gas springs also help open the side panels on buses that have automatic systems for this operation.

Dampers integrated into the driver’s seat reliably cushion impacts and jolts caused by an uneven road and help the driver feel comfortable sitting for many hours at a time. Where practical, we can of course also integrate the gas springs into the seat adjustment upon request.

Stabilus gas springs and dampers are an important travel companion – and they’ll continue to be for many years, thanks to being maintenance free. 

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for optimal counterbalancing during lifting and lowering


Gas springs for variable height and angle adjustment


The specialists for gentle damping

More about the driver seat

The driver’s seat in all types of commercial vehicles: where the driver performs a demanding job every single day. Vital requirements to fulfill are therefore ergonomics, fatigue prevention, and efficiency. Stabilus gas springs enable easy adjustment of the seat, and our dampers protect against impacts and vibrations.