To sum it up in a word: smooth Gas springs and dampers for household devices and store equipment

Whether inside the four walls of your house or at your own storefront, technical equipment and furnishings should come together to create a harmonious whole. Many functions of these elements are handled by panels, doors, mounts, and drawers. The more luxurious the motion, the classier the overall feel.

Stabilus gas springs and dampers are practically everywhere the feel of the product counts. Just a few examples of where they do what they do: large equipment such as washing machines and extractor hoods, smaller devices such as espresso machines and kitchen appliances, the nearly endless diversity of store equipment. The latter category alone is filled with applications: refrigerated and retail display cases, vending and reverse vending machines, entire salon equipment product lines, commercial kitchen equipment, self-service counters, cash handling equipment (ATMs, bill counters, cash registers, etc.), and much more.


The range of what our products can do is just as varied as the applications themselves. Our products assist with opening, closing, lifting, lowering, damping, pulling out, pushing in, and positioning, just to name the main functions. 

For example, even lifting of heavy covers is made easy and comfortable with Stabilus gas springs. This is helpful, for instance, for the easy opening of refrigerated and retail display cases – whether for cleaning or for arranging goods. 

Movement that is slowed or gently cushioned protects equipment and goods in countless applications. That’s an important factor. Not just for the sound and the feel, but also for longevity – around the house and at the point of sale. 

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for comfortable opening and closing


Gas springs for variable angle adjustment without release mechanism  

Relevant and related topics

  • Office furniture

    Swiveling office chairs, desks, high-top tables, columns for connecting devices – office and school furniture is experiencing a surge in innovation. We support ergonomics and multi-functionality with gas springs and spindle drives that have lots of design options to suit all of your project ideas. 

  • Home furniture

    The ultimate level of comfort in the home: Stabilus Group gas springs, dampers, and rotary dampers help with smooth adjustment of upholstered furniture and beds, gentle opening and closing of drawers and panels, and much more. We create practically unlimited possibilities for any design vision.

  • Recreation and hobbies

    Whether at the gym, in the solarium or casino, riding the roller coaster, or driving a scooter, Stabilus products and solutions bring the recreation and hobbies to the next level. Gas springs and damping elements help with smooth, safe operation and protect against crashes and impacts. 

  • Medical and rehabilitation technology

    In hospitals, nursing facilities, care homes, rehab centers … across this entire sector, motion control is an important factor to promote ergonomics, peace and quiet, a good therapeutic ambiance, and quality of life. In this case, gas springs, hydraulic dampers, and electromechanical drives from Stabilus are often the products of first choice.