Ready for intralogistics 4.0 Material handling

Raw materials, finished goods, or perhaps a pallet with tools and equipment: In intralogistics applications and workshops and on construction sites, there’s a lot of material that needs to be transported over short distances or otherwise handled. And things need to move quickly.

Stabilus gas springs provide support here in a wide variety of ways, such as in adjusting the steering column and seat or in the safe operation of pallet jack draw bars.

Forklifts – the versatile all-rounder

The lift truck is a jack of all trades for quick, nimble material handling. And there’s quite a number of applications here that are made even more efficient and convenient thanks to gas springs. Variable adjustment of the steering column is one example. Also important are comfortable adjustment of the seat as well as its secure retention in the open position, which enables access to the battery.


In forklifts, gas springs are incorporated into the steering column as well as other locations. This enables the operator to adjust the height of the steering wheel to their exact size and preferred sitting position.

When the vehicle battery needs to be replaced or repaired, Stabilus gas springs hold the driver’s seat up reliably. In this way, they provide easy access to the battery and safe work.

Pallet jacks – the manual helper

The pallet jack is also an indispensable assistant for many tasks. Its draw bar pivots freely, but it can’t drop down after release. Stabilus gas springs hold it securely in position. 

If the pallet jack has a power unit, the jack can optionally be equipped with a collapsible step unit. A safety bar with a gas spring integrated provides a secure foothold for the driver. Even the pallet jack’s battery cover can be opened and closed comfortably and held open securely with Stabilus gas springs.


Our gas springs are integrated into the draw bar of a pallet jack. The draw bar goes back to its initial position after use so it doesn’t get in the way of anything.

If the pallet jack has a power unit, the gas spring in the draw bar works in conjunction with the corresponding electronics for controlled motion of the draw bar back to its initial position. It thus provides for safe deceleration of the pallet jack.

Safety takes center stage even when it comes to the steps. With the integrated gas spring, the steps fold up more easily and open out gently, considerably reducing any risk of injury. 

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for variable adjustment and elastic locking


Gas springs for force-assisted opening and closing

More on the driver’s seat

The driver’s seat in all types of commercial vehicles: where the driver performs a demanding job every single day. Vital requirements to fulfill are therefore ergonomics, fatigue prevention, and efficiency. Stabilus gas springs enable easy adjustment of the seat, and our dampers protect against impacts and vibrations. 

More on steering columns

One vehicle, different operators – part of the everyday conditions of agricultural, construction, and commercial vehicles. Stabilus gas springs enable secure adjustment of the steering column to any position. This adjustment is often necessary to be able to get on and off the machine in the first place if access is tight.