Good working conditions for serious lawn care Riding mowers

Whether a golf course, park, football field, or large plot of land, everybody with a lot of grass to mow swears by riding mowers. Not least due to their wide cutting paths.

Gas springs and dampers from Stabilus help make the operation of riding mowers even more comfortable than ever. These products serve as shock absorbers to provide comfortable, relaxed, ergonomic seating in the driver's seat.

“Good vibrations” instead of disturbing jolts

Our products facilitate control, enable the effortless lifting and lowering of covers, and much more. They also reduce vibration to help extend service life and reduce wear and tear. Thanks to their compact forms, they are easy to integrate, even in critical mounting positions.

Our commitment to first-class comfort and safety

As an OEM or machine manufacturer, you benefit from our years of experience with applications for vehicle construction. Gas springs, dampers, and vibration isolators from expert Stabilus brands create the basis for making driving and operation of riding mowers safer and more comfortable.

Discover the components in detail

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