Quick adjustment upon driver swaps Steering columns

Particularly in agriculture and construction, it’s common for drivers and operators to swap out: machines are part of a rented or leased fleet, the dispatcher scheduled another employee, or it’s shift change. 

How can the steering column be quickly and easily adapted to the size and stature of the driver? With variable adjustment made possible by gas springs from Stabilus. This is how we help prevent muscle tension and fatigue, thereby fundamentally contributing to safety, productivity, and health. And in many cases, this adjustment is step one of getting on and off the machine if access is tight.


Stabilus gas springs are integrated right into the steering column. With our special piston valve system, they help out in every position: When the valve is open, the spring provides force-assisted, damped, easy actuation and a controlled reaction. 

And when the valve is closed, the spring locks out, exerting great resistance to movement to prevent the steering column from resetting unintentionally. 

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Gas springs for variable height and angle adjustment