High-quality product experience during opening, closing, and positioning Tailgates and trunk hatches and lids

With Stabilus gas springs, tailgates and trunk hatches and lids can be opened and closed both easily and comfortably. Not only that, but these can also be securely retained in position. The POWERISE automatic trunk lid drive offers an additional convenience factor.


Thanks to the gas-spring support, you just need one hand to move the trunk hatch or lid. When opened, the hatch or lid safely and reliably maintains its position. During closing, travel is gently slowed so the hatch or lid drops quietly into the latch. 

Our dampers ensure gentle and cushioned opening of trunks and slow down the travel of the hatch or lid into its end stop.

Our gas springs and dampers offer flexible installation options and are totally maintenance free.

Benefits to you

  • simple integration into your product thanks to a compact design
  • time savings thanks to simple installation
  • customizable through the ability to specify spring characteristics and speed
  • high level of comfort thanks to force assistance for easy opening
  • luxurious operation created by even, gentle operation 
  • customer satisfaction due to cushioned movement

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for optimal counterbalancing and harmonious travel, with a design based on the force-assisting operating principle


The specialists for hydraulic damping of motion and vibrations


Added convenience through retention of trunk lid or hatch movement in defined positions


Supplemental supply of power or switching, such as for trunk lighting


Retention of the trunk lid or hatch in any position


Temperature-compensating gas springs that safely hold trunk lids and hatches open even at very low temperatures

LIFT-O-MAT Federbein

Even and comfortable manual force at any temperature

LIFT-O-MAT mit Einschubdämpfung 

The standard model with a simple structure and an upward-oriented piston rod