Clean hands, gentle operation Engine hoods

What a difference! Unwieldy prop rods are a thing of the past – today, engine hoods can be opened easily, cleanly, and safely with minimal manual intervention. And the hoods then stay in position on their own. The characteristic gentle, soothing sound of a Stabilus gas spring is truly part of the product experience. 


Thanks to the support of a gas spring, the engine hood is easy to open with one hand. Once open, the hood holds its position securely and reliably and can’t accidentally slam shut, unlike the typical result of an improperly engaged prop rod. Installation as far to the outside as possible keeps the engine compartment well accessible when there is little space. To top it all off, you can install absolutely maintenance-free gas springs from Stabilus wherever you like. 

The compression damping is optionally available to cushion the hood during closure even at excessive speeds or upon misuse. This prevents damage to both the hood and the chassis. The gas spring does not impair any active raising of the hood when pedestrian collision protection systems are installed. This is ensured by an optionally available outer tube or angle joints with free travel.

Benefits to you

  • simple integration into your product thanks to a compact design
  • time savings thanks to simple installation
  • customizable through the ability to specify spring characteristics and speed
  • customer satisfaction due to cushioned movement

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for optimal counterbalancing and optimal travel, with a design based on the force-assisting operating principle


Supplemental supply of power or switching, such as for engine compartment lighting


Provides manual retention of the engine hood in any position

LIFT-O-MAT mit Einschubdämpfung  

The standard model with a simple structure and an upward-oriented piston rod