Machine guarding in any environment Gas springs and gas dampers for mobile engines

Mobile compressors and generators serve as sources of power and compressed air on any construction site.

As a manufacturer, you know what matters – from safe opening and closing of machine guarding and protective covers to protection from harsh environmental conditions. 

Stabilus gas springs and damping elements offer valuable solutions for machine guarding that are always being refined. Under the full umbrella of the Stabilus Group, you’ll also find rubber-metal isolators for engines and drives in the portfolios of our expert brands.


Our gas springs are integrated into the side panels, machine guarding, and protective covers of compressors and generators. They not only help with comfortable opening of the moving element, but also help keep it securely open during maintenance and repair. The gas springs themselves require no effort to operate and are maintenance free for their entire service life.

For particularly dirty environments, additional wipers can also be integrated into the gas springs, making them a real all-rounder for any environment.

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for optimal counterbalancing and harmonious travel, with a design based on the force-assisting operating principle 

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