Plenty of storage space and lots of innovation behind it Covers and maintenance panels

Today's multi-functional machines and commercial vehicles can do it all. Accordingly, sufficient space has to be found for a lot of equipment and electronics, tucked away somewhere or built in behind panels and hatches. 

Easy access as well as safe opening and closing are enormously important, such as during maintenance. That’s especially true when employees are working solo. Open covers must likewise allow secure locking. A cover slamming shut uncontrolled would be bad news for worker and machine alike.


All sorts of different panels large and small can be opened easily and comfortably with the right gas springs from Stabilus. An additional locking tube can optionally be installed on the gas spring to hold it in the open position. With this option, the panel can only close when a button specifically for this purpose is pressed. 

The damping action of the gas spring is often used to control the speed of panel movements and to reduce load on the chassis. 

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for optimal counterbalancing during lifting and lowering 


Gas springs for variable locking of panels

LIFT-O-MAT with external locking device

Tried-and-true LIFT-O-MAT gas springs with added security against unintended panel closure


The specialists for gentle damping