For high requirements and high-quality standards Gas springs and dampers for commercial vehicles

From the cabin door to the driver’s seat, from the steering column to the engine hood, from large trucks to trailers: When it comes to controlled, safe, and easy motion in and on commercial vehicles, Stabilus gas springs and hydraulic dampers are the solution of choice.

Our LIFT-O-MAT gas springs provide force assistance to ensure optimal counterbalancing. They make light work out of opening and closing panels and hoods.

Off the shelf – or custom made

There are two ways to get the perfect gas spring for your application: You can choose from our portfolio of state-of-the-art standard products, or we can develop a custom solution for your specific requirements. Our experience is your benefit in either case. After all, we’ve been a renowned development partner of the automotive industry for decades. Plus, we employ this knowledge in a variety of other industrial applications.


The LIFT-O-MAT gas spring is a hydropneumatic adjusting element consisting of a pressure tube, a piston rod with piston, and the corresponding end fitting. Nitrogen gas inside the spring keeps constant pressure against the differently sized piston surfaces. This creates a force in the extension direction. Filling pressure is customized so that this force is perfectly adapted to your specific application’s needs.

What makes gas springs so superior to mechanical springs? Their advantages include their defined speed profile and outstanding damping capacities that enable even heavy panels and doors to be operated with ease. Simple installation, compact dimensions, a flat spring characteristic curve, and a huge range of possible strengths and end fittings round off the package of benefits that comes with a gas spring.

Benefits to you

  • broad selection of sizes, strengths, and end fittings
  • compact design, small space requirement
  • simple and quick installation
  • flat spring characteristic curve (i.e., low increase in force even with strong forces or long strokes)
  • linear, progressive, or digressive spring characteristic curve
  • locking in any position (depending on product)
  • end-position locking (extended and compressed)
  • ability to integrate additional functions such as electrical switch, stop function, etc.

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