Sustainable power generation – lasting technology Gas springs and dampers for renewable energy

The renewable energy boom – with steep statistical figures around the world. Part of the issue includes optimal use of sun and wind power, and in a way that minimizes wear of mechanical technology and unplanned downtime.

Stabilus offers technologically sophisticated solutions for this set of needs. Our gas springs and dampers protect trackers in solar farms and secure panels in wind power systems. This is how sustainable energy generation and economical, long-term operation are able to go hand in hand.

Solar farms: orienting solar trackers to the sun safely and with minimal wear

The closer the photovoltaic power station operates to the equator, the greater the return. However, along with this relationship, the influence of the sun’s travel increases considerably in comparison with other latitudes. Systems are therefore generally outfitted with solar trackers from various manufacturers. The drives of these mechanisms ensure that the solar panels pivot on their shafts in order to be oriented at the perfect angle to the sun at all times. 

Damping technology from Stabilus protects the mechanisms of the solar tracker and prevents the wind from completely lifting the system up into the air. This provides effective protection for this technology, which is designed to operate for many years.

Wind power systems: securing panels and isolating vibrations

There are many different panels installed in wind power systems. The spectrum includes exit doors, hatches, and maintenance panels in machine housings. The Stabilus portfolio contains specialized dampers that prevent a panel from traveling toward the worker when the panel is opened downward. When the panel is opened upward, gas springs provide force assistance. 

Our solutions at a glance:

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