Research projects

Silent Railway

Rail travel is an important foundational component of improved climate action and the efficient transport of people and goods. Continuous urbanization, which is one of the current global megatrends, is drawing travel routes and residential areas increasingly closer together. Stabilus is headquartered on the edge of the Middle Rhine Valley, which has particularly high noise levels. The company also has a site in the middle of a residential area in Koblenz, Germany. This is why Stabilus is particularly interested in efforts pertaining to effective noise prevention.

This research project came out of a company-wide innovation competition. Its initial objective involves investigating and assessing the exact source of the disruptive noise. Currently, the sound level is mostly handled by mitigating sound travel, such as through the use of noise barriers. Through this project, a system will be created based on the equipment that generates noise. The system will treat the cause of the noise in order to reduce the noise level in the train’s surrounding environment.