Protecting sensitive components – longer service life for valuable parts Machine construction and automation

Functionality, efficiency, quick installation, and reliable maintenance – the requirements in machine construction and automation technology are continuously increasing. That's true in machine tool construction and systems engineering as well as in laser and semiconductor manufacturing.

Technologies for motion control from Stabilus help protect valuable machines and systems and increase their service life, increase output, and make complex movement processes a reality. 

Gas springs

Gas springs from Stabilus play an important role primarily in the safe opening and closing of assembly and maintenance panels. Even heavy panels react smoothly to light pressure and remain open securely. Operating elements can also be adjusted ergonomically.

Our solutions at a glance

Non-lockable gas springs

The complete product line for safe and comfortable opening, positioning, and closing

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Locking gas springs

Our broad product selection for variable adjusting and rigid or elastic locking

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Automation control

Our hydraulic dampers can be attributed with protecting the end positions in all manner of movements. Several important benefits are the natural result all at once: extended service life of the system, reduced wear and maintenance costs, and even increased output due to faster running speeds. 

Both for operational start-up and emergency stop operations, you can expect the best solution in automation control for the task from us. 

Benefits to you

  • security through years of technology and applications experience 
  • any order quantity is possible, from lot size one right off the shelf to large series
  • extremely wide selection for any set of application requirements

Suitable for:

  • semiconductor manufacturing
  • plastic machinery
  • printing machinery
  • food and packaging industry
  • textile machinery
  • wood processing 
  • laboratory equipment

Our solutions at a glance:

The Stabilus line for hydraulic damping of oscillations and vibrations

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