Relax While Lying

Whether a functional sofa, sofa bed, or a real bed – comfortable, ergonomic lying and easy handling are crucial. Gas springs from Stabilus guarantee user-friendly, ergonomic mobility of all adjustable parts.

Always in the Right Position

Despite the size and weight of the furniture, the bed part can be brought easily, variably, and safely into the desired sleeping position, ensuring an uninterrupted night’s rest. With gas springs from Stabilus.

Beds, Folding Beds and Sleeper Sofas
Users of sleeper sofas will appreciate the backrest folding down to the sleeping position without much effort.

In many traditional beds, not only the head and foot sections, but the entire slatted bed frame including the mattress tilt up, for example for storing bedding underneath. Despite the size and weight of the frame, the upward motion should be safe and smooth, without exhausting the user.

In the folded-up position, the frame must be held securely; during closing, gentle damping will save bed frame and floor from wear and tear.


Stabilus gas springs help make going to bed as relaxed as possible. Bed components and frame can be easily brought into the desired position. Downward movements will be gently braked.

Your Advantage

  • Will stay safely open
  • No slamming shut
  • Dampened closing
  • Easy opening despite heavy components

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • LIFT-O-MAT for lifting and lowering heavy loads
  • BLOC-O-LIFT for variable height and tilt adjustment
  • HYDRO-LIFT – for variable tilt adjustment without an actuation mechanism