About Us


World Market Leader for Gas Springs and Dampers

Stabilus was founded in 1934. Its invention was a stabilizer to retrofit US-cars. In 1962, we were the first company to produce gas springs in series. Since then, we have continually expanded our vanguard role. With a comprehensive application spectrum, a broad and unique product offer and decades of experience we are the world market leader for gas springs and dampers. Stabilus has a global footprint and a broad range of motion control products.

The production sites are located in nine countries worldwide. Together with our sales and service network we are always close to the customers, heeding our guiding principle "in the region for the region". 


The parent plant of Stabilus is located in Koblenz.

Satisfied Customers

Innovative gas springs and hydraulic dampers assure the satisfaction of thousands of Stabilus customers in various industries, such as the automotive and office chair manufacturing industries, furniture technology, solar industry, medical technology, and many other industrial applications.

Our Strengths

We provide top quality gas springs, dampers and electromechanical drives – worldwide. All major production technologies and machines are Stabilus’ own design; they are developed and built at our headquarters in Koblenz. This is how we guarantee the same global quality standard for all our products. With our considerable sales and service network and our production locations in Europe, in the Americas, in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, we have established ourselves as a global player with a worldwide presence.