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Where equipment is subjected to high loads, our products absorb shocks and reduce vibration. They make heavy panels and objects easier to move, and reduce thermal expansion on outdoor structures.

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As your global first choice partner in advanced motion control solutions, we develop the leading technology solutions worldwide through the uniquely broad product portfolio of our segment experts.

ACE is the leading quality supplier of industrial damping technology and the expert for the rapid development of your solution. 

Fabreeka is the leading expert for individual solutions for vibration isolation.

HAHN is the world’s leading full-range supplier of gas springs, tension gas springs and dampers, with production in Germany. HAHN is the first choice for the rapid development of standard products up to technically complex solutions.

As a member of the STABILUS company, Tech Products manufactures an extensive line of shock and vibration isolation solutions. 



Work goes faster, and in finished buildings doors, panels and windows are easier to open and close with our products. They also reduce structural noise, absorb thermal expansion, and dampen unwanted vibrations.

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Traditional Energy

Panel opening and closing assist makes life easier at fuel stations and on oil platforms, while reduced thermal expansion and vibration isolation extend the service life of pipelines and equipment.

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Renewable Energy

Solar trackers and wind turbines are exposed to weather. Our products minimize the effects of wind anomalies and vibration, and help maintenance staff open and close access panels under all conditions.

Power Plant & Grid

Whether substation, transformer, EV charge station or rooftop solar panels, our products minimize noise, vibration and shocks to equipment, and make maintenance access easier for personnel.

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