Health, Recreation
& Furniture

At home, on holiday, at work or in the clinic, our products facilitate the ergonomic adjustment of furniture and equipment. They absorb shocks and noise, making everyday life more pleasant in many ways.


As your global first choice partner in advanced motion control solutions, we develop the leading technology solutions worldwide through the uniquely broad product portfolio of our segment experts.

ACE is the leading quality supplier of industrial damping technology and the expert for the rapid development of your solution. 

Fabreeka is the leading expert for individual solutions for vibration isolation.

HAHN is the world’s leading full-range supplier of gas springs, tension gas springs and dampers, with production in Germany. HAHN is the first choice for the rapid development of standard products up to technically complex solutions.

As a member of the STABILUS company, Tech Products manufactures an extensive line of shock and vibration isolation solutions. 


Office Furniture

Easy and safe adjustment of office seating, desks, tables, and monitor arms boost ergonomics. Damped closing of doors and drawers reduces office noise for less distraction.

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Home Furniture

Movement assist makes it easier and safer to adjust furniture, lower and raise wall beds, open and close windows, and much more. Damped opening and closing of cabinets and drawers reduce noise, for a pleasant home environment.

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Appliances & Shop Equipment

Gentle opening and closing of product compartments make for an inviting shopping experience. Our products also make it easy to adjust sales table height and tilt for perfect sales presentations.

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Leisure & Hobby

At home, in the gym or on the road, our products make movement more controlled and safety and reduce impacts, in fitness equipment, car roof carriers, amusement rides, and much more.

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Medical & Health

Care is improved when operating tables, beds, chairs and walkers are easier to adjust. Patients rest better when noise and vibration in bedside machines are reduced. Smoother motion improves medical device and prosthetic performance.

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