Industrial POWERISE

An incomparably broad range of different POWERISE spindle drives with power supply, control unit and all of the accessories that your application requires awaits you at STABILUS. If you like, they can even be combined with high-quality gas springs to maintain the static forces.

  • Fully-automatic movement
  • Convenient manual adjustment also possible
  • Quiet adjusting movement
  • Maintenance free
Industrial Powerise

POWERISE | Bringing more energy to industry

POWERISE from STABILUS are very successful electromechanical spindle drives that are well known around the world. They reliably raise and lower tailgates in millions of SUVs and passenger cars without requiring maintenance. These are immediately available for your industrial applications (incl. household applications). Depending on the design of the spindle drives and the application, they allow convenient manual adjustment, which ensures that they can be operated in an emergency at any time, for example if there is a power failure.

Alongside the large selection of gas springs from global market leader STABILUS, you can also take advantage of a unique range of systems based on your requirements. The dynamic power from POWERISE and the static load balancing provided by the gas springs help to provide you and your application with uniquely innovative, ergonomic, power- and energy-saving, and safe movement and operation, even in case of an emergency.

Powerise Industrial

Market segments and applications using Powerise

Industrial Machinery & Automation

  • Covers
  • Flaps



  • Windows
  • Blinds
  • Wall beds and storage beds
  • Kitchen hatches and cupboards
  • Household devices

Caravan & Trailer


  • Lifting roofs
  • Storage space and garage doors

Commercial Vehicles

  • Flaps
  • Windows

Customized Vehicles

  • Pick-up hard top
  • Tonneau cover
Stabilus Market Segments

Advantages of our spindle drives

  • Fully-automatic movement
  • Convenient manual adjustment also possible
  • Quiet adjusting movement
  • Maintenance free
  • Choice between 12 V and 24 V
  • Two transmission variants
  • Spindle pitches between 4 mm and 30 mm
  • Overload clutch (optional)
  • Protection class up to IP69 possible
  • Connection via ball sockets
Stabilus Pwerise Divers

POWERISE | Home-System – Your complete solution from one source

  • Power consumption of 0.2 watts in standby mode
  • Standardised connection system
  • Tested as per European safety standards and EMC for household devices
Stabilus Powerise Home System


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