The broad range of our customers’ applications goes hand in hand with diversified requirements for raw materials and supplies on the procurement side. To give you a better overview, we have divided our scope of requirements into 6 main groups.
  • Customized parts made from rubber/plastic
  • Band and rod steels, tubes according to DIN EN 10305-1, DIN EN 10305-2, DIN EN 10305-3
  • Customized parts made from metal and non-ferrous metal, contract work
  • Special components/project supplies
  • Standard machines/machine spare parts, measuring equipment, drives
  • Tools/standards/special machine construction, wear parts according to drawing
  • Electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic materials, other

This is how you can become a supplier

If you can answer YES to all our questions, please apply:

  • Have we piqued your interest and you would like to apply as a supplier for Stabilus?
  • Your capabilities match our requirements, and you would like to offer your products or services?
  • Did you see products from your product line under our section “Parts Scope and Contact Persons”?
  • You have a certified quality management system that complies with or exceeds ISO 9001?
  • Your environmental management system complies with ISO 14001 or EMAS?
  • You can reliably and flexibly meet our needs “just in time”?
  • You see innovation and run with it - you can actively contribute to the development of technical solutions, or you even have the capability to assume development tasks on your own responsibility?